records, or numbers

I flustered a cute hispanic girl today.

Alright, Hispanic girl comes into the store. One of my coworkers handles her; she wants to buy a cell phone. Alright. While she is being dealt with, I orbit the other customers and try not to check her out too openly. She has a friend, too, but she's ugly.

After she gets done, and the kids hanging around the games case leave, I just walk around the store for a while, under orders not to sit down while customers are in unless I look busy. I don't fully understand how it happened, but she ended up asking me how to get to the bus stop.

She didn't make it through the first sentence before giggling.

Confession: girls have broken out in giggles in my presence before. Fairly frequently in fact. It was not until some girl told me I was cute, last year, that I realized that girls did not have a malfunctioning giggle gland, that I am actually good looking.

It bugged me, because it meant I had no excuse for not having a girlfriend other than my social reticence. It also means I actually notice now when girls seem to have some sort of humourous speech impediment.

Right then, however, all I noticed were her cheekbones.

God, she has nice cheekbones.

And those

"The nearest bus stop is on the far side of [store], out by the main road." I don't know if there's a bus to get you downtown. But I can't seem to tell you that, because there's something wrong with my chest.

She gives me a smile that lights up the world, and when I can see again, she's gone.

I collapse into a chair and think hard about the phrase "prettiest girl in the world" for the first time.

Favorite songs evar;
  1. Hotel California-the Eagles
  2. Bohemian Rahpsody-Queen

And currently duking it out for third is Chris Cornell's You Know my Name and Klaxons' Golden Skans. Also on the list, in unspecified positions, Don't Stop Me Now-Queen, The Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Destiny-Lemon Demon, I'll follow you into the dark by Death Cab for Cutie, and Billy Talent's Try Honesty.

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