A kid, about 8 years old, must've weighed about a hundred pounds, comes waddling up to the display case. He all but presses his face to the glass, and stabs his chubby finger at a game. His mother asks him "what's that?"

"That," I say, "is Grand Theft Auto." I somehow resist the urge to add The last thing your son needs is sedentary activity.

The mother gave me a tired sort of smile, then herded her kids out of the store.

Earlier, I had been standing in the middle of a long line to buy tickets at the movie. I, clever boy, was buying tickets for next Monday two days in advance, thereby baffling the dude who would turn up at 4:15 on Monday asking for tickets for the 4:30 showing. Foiled again, Hypothetical Man.

Four people from the front of the line-I had even bought an old Reader's Digest to pass the time-a woman comes up to me and asks me to buy a child's ticket for "Are We Done Yet".

I blink.


She insists. I continue to say no, and point out that I don't even know her. I refrain from insulting her motives, her gall, her arrogance, and her shoes, and eventually, she just goes to the back of the line.

My question is this; when did my life become a childfree_bs story?

An argument

A debate is a series of arguments and counterarguments, given by each side, towards their position. As Monty Python reminded us, it is not the automatic gainsaying of everything your oppent says. An argument is presented in the following format.

If [premise/s], then [logic], therefore [conclusion].

If the premise and logic are sound, the conclusion is unassailable. The best way to assail a premise is to simply prove it false. The fastest way to assail logic, incidentally, is an analogy. Suppose Debater A said this;

If public is wrong, then why is it legal in some states?

Debater B analyzes the logic.

If [something] is wrong, then [something] would be against the law.

B inserts another something into the place of "public nudity".

By your implied logic, bestiality is right because it is legal in some states.

So if I come into the back room during lunch to call you out to the front for something, and I find you whining about how YouTube keeps taking down Naruto: Shippuden episodes, and I point out that they're doing so because it's, um, illegal under international law? Saying "It's not illegal" every time I try to make a point, then stating that "just because someone says something's illegal doesn't make it so", then asking me, in a sad attempt at rhetoric, if what Hitler did was illegal* does not an argument make. It just makes you a jackass.
*He also evaded my questions about what the frak does that have to do with anything. A few minutes in, I went "Waitaminute! You made a comparison to Nazis! You lose under Internet Law!"

//sliding down the information highway

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