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I am surrounded by jackasses.

I don't mean the pejorative curseword, oh no, I mean actual donkey, stubborn, stupid, and intractable. Mostly the individual I tangled with in my last entry. At one point today, he seemed eager to resume our debate, and I, despite my reluctance to weather the slings and arrows of outrageous arguments, found myself, inexplicably, exchanging verbal blows with him; a tango with a twit.

At one point, I pointed out that he was arguing ethics, while my original claim was about legality. He claimed that not only was piracy ethically right, it was morally right as well.

Me: How can you justify downloading Naruto episodes?

Hantagod. He said that since the technology was there, then the business clearly needed to change. Never mind the actual people who's livelihood depends on this stuff, never mind that the technology exists to kill everyone on Earth in a matter of hours; he envisioned a bright, Utopian future where people never have to pay for anything. (Later, he called me an idealist.) In Soviet Bahamas, anime downloads you!

Quoting MacHall, I pointed out that people would be willing to steal content no matter who's involved in the distribution. He then made that stupid Hitler point again. Specifically, if you were a kid in Germany during Hitler's reign, would you think that killing Jews was right? I said yes, but pretty much the entire rest of the world said to Germany and it's allies "Hang a tic! You can't do that!" But he wasn't having any of that pesky 'earth logic', and asked me what's the difference between a revolutionary and a criminal. I asked what revolution, exactly, he was supporting by downloading Naruto. He said the businesses need to change. I brought up the issue of "creator's rights", and asked what, exactly, the businesses needed to change to. He said he didn't know.

All in all, a productive debate.

If there's anything I hate, it's people BSing themselves. The piracy itself is reprehensible, but what irritates me more is the self-righteous attitudes in the people who commit it. You are not a revolutionary, you are a criminal trampling all over the rights of the people who make and/or own the work. You are a dude who has Limewire. Businesses are made up of people; they are not faceless straw men. I've pirated myself, sure, but I don't pretend what I'm doing is blessed by the Pope himself.

I find it strange that no one I've seen who pirates realizes the potential of communism until after they've started. Fight the system by shafting the middleman and the thousands of workers in front of him!

There's another coworker, who I recently realized was a dick. He was talking with a customer about he, personally, would rather get a PS3 because the CBox 360 couldn't play High-Definition DVDs.

Me: The 360 has component cables.
Him(smiling smugly): But it can't play High Definition DVDs.
Me: Component can play up to 1080p.
Him: But it can't play High Definition DVDs.
Me: The Elite has HDMI output.
Him: But it can't play High Definition DVDs.
Me: The 360 has a HD-DVD add-on.
Him: But it can't play High Definition DVDs.

At this point I remembered there was no arguing with the insane, and backed away slowly. In hindsight, this guy pirated movies, music, and time rampantly, with no regard for the creators. He also has a habit of changing the TVs to Food Network and Lifetime. I like the Golden Girls as much as the next chap, but do the muted tones on their Florida house really show off the high contrast ration of a 42" Spectroniq LCD TV? And while you're at it, stop putting turning up the bass on the stereos. When you have a pop song—specifically the Kingdom Hearts 2 theme—playing so loud you can't even hear the lyrics? You have a problem.

It's not about you, it's about the customers. We're trying to sell stuff here. Having throbbing lows just makes people antsy. It also makes it hard to hear each other. I had to go and turn down the radio just to talk to a man I was standing two feet away from about his router. And the worst part is, you aren't even in that section of the store! Half the time you're helping the computer repairmen—including Dick#1—in the back of the store, using your recently-acquired degree that you're oh-so-proud of. And then you come back out front and complain about someone turning your music down. The frick?

And while we're at it, stop turning up the Bass on the music I bring in. It's my frakkin music, it sounds best with medium bass. And you cannot just play two types of music loudly and expect them to work. If you play "Ice Ice Baby" on one stereo and "Peaches and Cream" on another, the result is not a delicious dairy desert.

Oh, and Dick #1? The revolutionary is actually working toward a goal. He isn't just fighting to bring down something, he's fighting to rise up something. Whether it's bringing down an apathic nobility, overthrowing a dictatorship in favor of a Communist government, or trying to bring down the democratically elected government of a country so one can ship dem Negroes back to Africa, there's a clear end in mind, no matter how misguided that end may be. The revolutionary, in fine, is fighting for something.

The criminal? He's just fighting.
// but to think there's nothing wrong is a problem

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