Situation; I'm at our satellite store. It's just me and the manager, and I'm getting kinda peckish. I suggest that I get lunch for both of us, and eat it behind the door to the employee area, keeping an eye out for customers that need assistance. He agrees, and I get our food.

About two seconds after I return, the place swarms with more customers than we`ve seen all day. I have just enough time to shove one ambrosial fry in my mouth before I sally forth. I`m fairly convinced they were just waiting around the corner, ordered to delay me by a shadowy figure who speaks in terse sentences. They look around the shop for several minutes, just looking, not buying. The manager is busy explaining the difference between the store and manufacturer`s warranties to an irate Hispanic man, leaving me to hover over the interlopers like a mother hen, something screaming in my head about what this will mean. Eventually, a carefully monitored sensor, pointed at a brown paper bag, is tripped, the order is given to withdraw, their dark mission accomplished. I return to my lunch, my worst fears feeding a tightness in my chest, a tightness that knows already exactly, exactly, what has happened.

My fries have gone cold.

//It's my desire

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