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So cute. And not just because of the green-eyed cutie on the front page. I'd so get the 'plain bomb' from the Large Charms page if I had that kind of money. Or maybe the star bomb. Or the skull bomb. Or the scaredy ghost. And maybe the skull key, except I'd have to learn how to put on eyeliner and I overheat in black t-shirts. Ah, there's so much to choose from!


omg onoz

I'm part of several LJ comms mocking drama. On one of those, someone was using an icon I made. Specifically, this one.

omg onoz

When I first posted it on LJ, all I asked was credit. I noticed the icon wasn't credited. Nor were any of the others there. That should've been a sign. I went to the top entry on his LJ, and gave him my usual boilerplate.

That icon you're using was made by me. Would you please add credit in the "comments" section?
Most of the time, the user is happy to. Occasionally, we get the dicks.

His response.

I found this arbitrarily on a WoW forum somewhere. It's certainly made it's rounds of the internet. You know you made it, and that's what counts. Basically what I'm saying is, no, stay the fuck out of my journal, and I don't care if you *claim* to have made this gif I'm using it anyway. It's the internet, get used to it.
Anyone else notice that the people who go "it's just the Internet" never seem to have done anything worthwhile of their own? No, wait, lemme qualify that; they never seem to have worked hard on anything creative. They're the ones commenting on posts about how an artist's work was stolen about how they would be flattered if someone stole their art. They're never the ones with art worth stealing.

Anyway, when I tried to respond

Um, by that logic, I should be able to repost everything in your journal. It's just the Internet, right?

I find that he has banned me from his LJ and deleted my comment and his response. This dovetails nicely with the last time this happened, where the user refused to let any attention not be on them. Ironic that he refuses to credit, yet has this image on his LJ. In fact, most of his posts are borrowed quotes and images. So not only is he unoriginal, he refuses to give credit. And he's a anime pirate too, how lovely.

Seriously, the best piece in his dA gallery is a generic t-shirt design. The entire gallery looks like someone without any imagination whatsoever lifted it from the C.O. Pypasta guide to Being An Intertubes Artist. Bravo, you pioneer, you.

//but it's sad and its sweet and I knew it complete

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