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I watch several drama-mocking communities on LJ. On one of those, I can't find which, there was a post in the community for some major city that's experiencing lots of snow right now, let's say...Denver. There have been several posts in the comm about complaining about said snow, and the user tnib(See how clever I am at hiding how I feel about people?) made a post complaining about all the complaints about the snow. I noticed she was using the OMG ONOZ icon I made, so I made a post on her personal LJ asking her to credit.

Would you mind crediting me for that icon in the 'comment' field? Where'd you find it?
This is my standard approach when asking someone to credit that icon. It clearly says in my userinfo that the only compensation I ask for reuse is credit. It's basically under a Creative Commons Attributive license, though I didn't realize it until recently.

Read my user info. I do not credit for icons. I've had this one for well over a year and have no clue where I found it.
I'm not sure why she felt the need to tell me when she found it, but whatever. I toodled off to her userinfo.

The unfunny cartoon at the top gave me an inkling of what to expect. (Oh, an animated .GIF of a man beating a dead horse with 'This Topic' written on it. How droll. How very amusing.) Random photo, random photo, more random photos, photo of Tnib pretending to be a murder victim-oh, here's that actual content. I C/P'd and responded.

unless you have created the entire icon from scratch with photos you took, brushes you created et alia, you've stolen too. unless you own the copyrights to all parts of your icon (be it photos, song lyrics, or even fonts and brushes), you don't own the icon. you shouldn't even have the icon since its existence alone is breaking the copyright laws. the amount of time you've put into making an icon doesn't matter in the eyes of the law, and neither do the modifications you've made.
I made that icon from scratch, so it qualifies. The only thing I didn't do was make the font.

Somehow, I doubt that you care.
Truth be told, I was expecting some flames and vitriol, something I could really sink my time into. Except that I wouldn't. I'd just say "Good day, ma'am."(See how clever I am?) and stop responding. I've recently imposed a three-post per wank limit on myself, so that would just meet it.

No, not really.

The relevant portions of the userinfo.
regarding stealing your work:
unless you have created the entire icon from scratch with photos you took, brushes you created et alia, you've stolen too. unless you own the copyrights to all parts of your icon (be it photos, song lyrics, or even fonts and brushes), you don't own the icon.
Fonts and brushes. Fonts and brushes. You know, those things are distributed free and often come with the programs they're used in. It's like saying the Mona Lisa wasn't Da Vinci's because he didn't actually make the pigments for the paints himself, or carve the wood and pluck the hair for the brushes, or have sex with a woman and wait a few decades until she became a pretty Italian woman with nice breasts, big hands, and a cute smile. Or Michaelangelo's David isn't his because he didn't make the hammer and chisels he used, or for that matter, hew the marble from the quarry, rough out the form, and let it sit for two and a half decades, then draw it hundreds of miles on a sledge made from wood he cut himself-from trees he planted the seeds for-to Florence from Northern Italy. It basically says that you can't claim ownership on something you made unless you made and produced the tools and materials you made it with.

I hope I don't have to point out the irony in the fact that she posted this on LiveJournal from a computer.

After reading that section originally, I began to suspect that I was dealing with a raging tnib.

regarding stealing your bandwith:
unless you're hosting the images on a server that you pay actual money for, you can't complain. not only is it mind-boggling of you to assume that something you're not paying anything for is your sole property, that assumption is also incorrect.
There's a hole in the logic, dear Liza, dear Liza. Should I start be pointing out that paying for something or not does not necessarily determine ownership?
photobucket (along with other similar providers of free hosting) have the right to terminate your account at any time for any given reason. they have power over your account, they own it.
Ooh, so close. Said image providers do own your account, they do have power over it, but one still has sole responsibility over what one does with it.
you are only borrowing their bandwith. if you are paying for your own bandwith, i understand in a way, but then again - livejournal icons are 40kb or less. even if it adds up over time, that's not going to make a huge dent in your bandwith. also, you can block your images from being picked up by the feed.
This is like saying that if one's house has been robbed, one should have had a burglar alarm. If you had one and it was bypassed, you need a better alarm. If your neighbours ignored the alarm, you should be living in a better neighbourhood.

regarding posting your images without permission:
if you don't want your images posted on the internet, don't post them on the internet.
Fallacy: Straw man. What most people don't want is anyone else posting their images online, with some exceptions. (Creative Commons, for example.) It's called 'copyright'. Funny how that whole 'legality' thing was dropped two sections back.

livejournal has provided the feed service to you, this community is only taking advantage of an already existing program. if you have a problem with the program, complain to livejournal and ask them to terminate the feed service. even then, all of your publically posted photos can be found on google and there's nothing you can do to stop that. (you could code a robot block for your page but livejournal doesn't allow javascript so you're shit out of luck.)

there are plenty of other sites around that take advantage of the livejournal feed. here's a few examples:

your icons show up on every single one of these pages (and the others that i haven't linked, the amount of them is probably at least in the hundreds). this community functions exactly the same way as these other sites, it just filters the images that are suitable for icons (≤ 100px X 100px, ≤ 40kb). the maintainer is not going through thousands of posts a day just to pick out your less-than-pleasant-to-look-at icons. which brings me to another point: having your icon posted here doesn't mean that you're special or that your icons are exceedingly good. it just means you posted them publically and they met the criteria for an icon. i wish you'd stop thinking each of your shitty icons is like a caravaggio or (insert your favorite artist here) painting.
Wait, what?

get over it. they're fucking icons, alright?

(yes, i use stolen icons and no, i never credit.)
(Words by [info][censored] from [info]iconscraper
Well, this is ironic. She cut-and-pasted most of the text in her profile from the profile of a community. When she was going on about how people who make icons have no grounds to ask for credit. And she credited same text. And the community she C/P'd from is deleted. Evidently, she must get asked about the icon thing a lot. I love that the icons she ganks are good enough for use, but the creator is automatically not good enough for credit, by virtue of her arbitrary and nonsensical rules that are basically an excuse for her not to give any attention to anyone. What's more, they probably get people to flame her, thus giving her more attention...

See where this is going?

The post in the Denver comm was titled 'Xposted by request'. This meant that someone had actually wanted here to repost this screed;

Quit whining.

We get snow maybe once every 3-5 years. To purchase and maintain equipment that will clear off all the city streets, side streets, and freeways would cost tax payers much more than you apparently have considered. Yes, Chicago and New York deal with the snow in a timely fashion. They get it every year for weeks/months and thus have a reason to purchase and maintain the equipment.

If you can't handle the fact that this region has a hard time with snow for a few days out of each decade, move.
"See, you'll probably get shot only once in your lifetime. Stop crying and clutching your leg. No, don't bother begging for your life. You should be grateful; there are people who get shot at all the time. Doesn't that make you feel grateful? Doesn't it?"
you have a hard time navigating or dealing with others who can't navigate on the roads, call out for the day and stay home. If you think you can't afford that, suck it up and quit bitching about it. Bitching about it just makes you look ignorant and petty.

I'm sick of everyone whining about this. It's simple to me. If I can't feasibly make it to work, I call out. Since I can make it to work (either on a crowded, slow bus or on my own two feet), I don't complain. I grabsome coffee and enjoy knowing that I will make it when I make it, and that I will be excused if I am late. No rush=no stress. I have compassion for those who ride the bus and have to walk further in the snow in order to navigate around. The most complains are coming from people who have cars and are acting pretty self-centered about the entire thing.

This expecially goes for the guy who was whining non-stop about how crowded the bus was, that SCCC better not be closed cause of an inch of snow, how stupid the city was for not being prepared, but then he only rode 3 BLOCKS on the bus instead of walking to the college. Grow up.

Yes, I am being snarky about this. I'm sick of the constant whining about this winter.
So she says that they should stop complaining about being sick of the snow because it rarely snows in Se-whoops-Denver, and they should be happy it doesn't snow more. And she's complaining that she's sick of their complaining. You should be grateful that they aren't complaining all the time. Imagine if the Denver comm was an endless font of troubles, all year, every year. You know, like the Pittsburg comm.
From the post on her journal.
I'm with you..

Weather happens, and until someone figures out a way to control the weather (yeah right) then people need to just quit whining about and indeed move to a place that accommodates their preferences if they can't take the weather conditions..

me, I like the snow.. the frantic pace of life slows down a little.. that's a good thing.
Yes, that's right. Everyone who doesn't like the weather should just move out of the city entirely. That's actually what they said.

Wow, that's some serious irritation. Being the devil's advocate that I am, and because I am faced with the other side of this, I want to point out a few things:

"If you can't handle the fact that this region has a hard time with snow for a few days out of each decade, move. If you have a hard time navigating or dealing with others who can't navigate on the roads, call out for the day and stay home. If you think you can't afford that, suck it up and quit bitching about it. Bitching about it just makes you look ignorant and petty."

The thing is, many companies are not so forgiving about extreme conditions, so a lot of people are out there driving in the snow because they lack a better option. I think those people are pretty justified to be irritated with the weather, the drivers, and the overall situation.

My roomate got into an accident because we didn't close the center in time, due the company being similiarly apathetic about people with cars. He was thrust into the worst of the storm. Those of us that are driving are most certainly validated to be fearful of the roads, afterall, just as you said, it's pretty rare for us to get snow and ice like this.

If I had an easy bus route in to work, hell, I'd probably take it. But when you work until 11pm (and at times to midnight if you get stuck on a call), you don't have the same options for public transportation. You have to drive. My employees complain all the time, but in my eyes, they have every right to. What other option do they really have? You can't just miss days because you don't feel like taking the risk if you want to keep your job.

Don't get me wrong, I totally get what you're saying, and I'm irritated by a lot of the same talk, but I think there's a large amount of people who are pretty justified if they want to vent and let their frustration out.

Food for thought. :)

Oh, I wasn't nearly as irritable as I sounded. I've just been pretty stressed about everything lately and it's coming through in my posts.

I am of the mind that everyone has options.
Fascinating insight. Do go on.
I never specified if they were good for the long term or short term, but you have options. You can chose safety over a job, or learn new ways to deal with bad drivers, etc. It's all in your mind.
Call me crazy, but I and most people'd rather risk injury than lose their frakking job.

You can't just miss days because you don't feel like taking the risk if you want to keep your job.
That's just it. You have options. There are other places of employment out there. Sure, some pay less (but probably have less stress and better benefits) or pay more but is outside your normal field. It's up to us to at the very least, consider that there are choices all around us and it is our obligation to ourselves to decide to take them or not.

The reason I vented is that people seem very unaware that they all have choices.
No, that's how you interpreted it. People know they have choices, they're just complaining about hardships which are a result of their choices. You're 0-for-infinity this life, aintcha?
Sure, I could say that I have no choice but to go into work, but I do. Yes, I'll lose part of my bonus ($2 an hour extra on top of my base pay) if I call out for the day and the office was open, and if I do it too often I may lose my job, but I have that option if I feel I need to take it. I also have the option of dropping out of the employment field altogether and go to school full time. Or, I have the option of finding another job somewhere else. Options. It's up to me to decide what I want to do and how I can work towards achieving that.

Too many times, we get stuck in the "I have to do this, I have no choice" mindset. Choices are all around. It's also our perception of our choices. I can either "force myself to go into work today because it's expected of me and I have no other choice" or "I can go into work today and listen to some pretty outrageous calls which resulted in one possibly two agents being removed from the phones for customer service-related issues, made money, and actually got out of my apartment for more than the 20 minutes it takes to walk to Caffe Ladro and back". I choose to see it in the latter perspective.

I did react with irritation to the multitude of posts and conversations regarding this subject. So I'll end this rambling comment with something that Carl loves to say, combined with some of my own philosophy for the moment : "Someone else doesn't make you feel a particular emotion. You made yourself feel that particular emotion. No one forces you to feel anything, it's all about you perceive and react to an external stimulus. Change your perception and/or reaction, and you change your emotional response to a given stimulus."
Like Captain America said, "You know what I hate about the modern world? The Psychobabble.

On the post in Denver.
see. everyone agrees. i TOLD you to post it here. TOTALLY NOT KIDDING. I WOULD NOT KID!
This is the fourth post, mind you.

It's my job to drive around, snow or no snow, so I don't have the option of staying home. Do I still get to complain about other drivers?

You always have an option. You just chose to think that you don't.
She's right, you know. He could just choose not to have a job.
Well of course I have the option, nobody owns me. However, our clients pay a premium for our service, and that includes reliability. If I don't go to work people miss planes and meetings and weddings and funerals and our reputation goes down the drain, and my job along with it.

Anyway, I'm over complaining about other drivers, nothing people do behind the wheel of a car surprises me anymore. I'm just glad I'm alive at the end of the day.
I called it!
Me too. I like your icon.
*dramatic violin screech*
Wow. The only thing dumber than complaining about something that you can't change, e.g., the weather, is complaining ABOUT people who complain too much.

In other words, you might wanna try some of that "Quit bitching" advice yourself. Don't like the talk in the community about the snow? Leave the community. :P

Or, you know, just sort of skim over the posts with the word "snow" in them. Difficult, I know, but as you oh-so-scientifically asserted, we only get snow once every 3-5 years, so it shouldn't be that big of an imposition on your obviously busy lifestyle.
Wow, you took my post too seriously. Are you new here? Do you know who you're talking to? I can handle the posts. In fact, I do skim them. This was originally posted in my LJ regarding posts from my friends and had requests from local folk to post it here. It seems to be well-received. Just run along, honey. Run along.
If you hear a squeaking noise, that's just backpedalling. Pay no mind.

The rest of the thread is her pretending to be a /b/tard. And not even a good one. Everyone likes to think they're funny, but unfunny people refuse to believe they're not. The worst of those are people who randomly quote from /b/.

Later on, it's revealed that she's a psychology major. That explains a lot. She also responds to almost every post, even those clearly not directed at her.

Other Sycophant
Good post.

I does suck that the majority of whining people are over-privileged buttwipes in the first place.

Thank you for at least having a balanced, expressed opinion, something you don't see in Denver too often.
Well, it's expressed, so he's kinda right...

She posts in the post on a sporking comm(not necessarily the one I got the link from), pretending she doesn't care. Someone responds.

Another Sycophant
Hi "tnib".
I didn't read the whole thing but from what I did read I don't remember you blaming anybody for anything. I thought you were just stating the mere fact that peoples' lives are the products of the choices they've made. And, that people ALWAYS have choices. I do not understand why that pisses so many people off.
Point duly missed.

Because the word "choices" infers that there are multiple favorable outcomes for every decision someone has to make. Like, "do I eat sausages, or do I eat pancakes?"

Some people don't have as many options. The consternation is over tnib's ignorance and refusal to believe that not everyone has the same tools in their toolboxes.

I'm sorry, but I'm not making you think that the definition for choices "infers that there are multiple favorable outcomes for every decision someone has to make". That seems to be your personal definition.
Ookay, that post said absolutely nothing.

You're turning this into a semantics problem. It would seem to me that you're a moron and that you want to hide behind words and theories instead of addressing the fact that some people are inconvenienced by some things and that not everyone can decide to opt out based on the weather.

Um, no. You're pushing meaning into my words that I hadn't intended. You also missed the entire point of my post and are, instead, focusing on only a fraction of the "conversation" that occurred.
Cute how she never actually corrects her.

And tnib's response to Another Sycophant's post.
I think that people in those situations feel trapped and that there are no options. They are looking for blame. Honestly, Denver does not get enough snow on a yearly basis to warrant keeping equipment on hand every year, only to be used 1-3 days out of a year. Someone mentioned that Denver averages 7 inches of snow per year. Places on the East Coast average 115inches. No comparison.

People just don't like being told that they should point part of that finger at themselves.
"You eat that food right now, young man! There are people starving in Africa!"

I commented on the post about her profile. She commented asking if I 'still had sand in [my] vahjayjay'. I replied that she was mistaken; I had no 'hoo-ha'. She replied 'lollers'. I'm not C&Ping it because my hands hurt.

In conclusion, she's an attention-whoring, wannabe-/b/tard with a huge ego. She's like Zeriara, except she can't draw, and doesn't live in the south.


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