Attention, people of!

Stop being stupid!

Seriously. I go in for some Avatar information, and I find a retard rodeo. Periods are not optional people, nor do they usually come in packs of three! And are you trying to cause seizures ith your stupid sig images?! How long does it take to copy/paste four words into Google? And why do you make the same point three times?! Sweet Christmas, is that Times New Roman in your poorly-resized sig that you ganked from dA? Why are you calling Aang 'generic' for being a twelve-year old boy? You guys can't even quote your own sig right. Wait, their are people who still think the series is Japanese? Which part of the "Michael Dante DiMarteno" and "Bryan Konietzko" at the end of the opening title that they put at the beginning of every episode of the series looked Japanese to you?! And you make a valid point, but would you please learn to spell and loose the cliched sigs? What's with putting a random anime image over some fractal and then increasing the saturation?

I need a drink.




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