and tend to go nowhere

Girls I do adore.

The security guards at my workplace rotate, and are thus addressed collectively as "Secu". The latest in this august line is a tall, dark-skinned individual who wanted me to meet his sister. I, having recently decided to be more aggressive, accepted. Sometime the next evening, a girl showed up and asked me to buy her a cell phone.

Cue twenty minutes of me trying to avoid conflict, and her running her hands all over my body, trying to get me to spend $329 on a pink PEBL.

Needless to say, there wasn't any chemistry.

As I explained to my bemused coworker the next day, we may be living/in a material world/but I don't want material girls.

Part of my problem is that I'm to passive, to submissive*. I almost never stand up for myself, preferring to dodge conflict, confrontation**. This had stood me rather poorly in life. As mentioned last entry, I hate the state of my life.

F- commented yesterday that I need to get some-

"Assertiveness? Backbone? Balls?" I suggested.

"That last one."
*Hence the illustration.
**Apparently, I'm an Airbender. :D

//they grow right back inside

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