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9: blog

I don't post here enough, not enough people are reading, I sound whiny, it needs a redesign.

8: Christianity

Not good enough. Not open enough. Not practicisng enough. Willing to proclaim it from the rooftops, but you're not actually doing anything, are you, Jonathan? No. No you're not.

7: art

I spend so much time on mrRB that I don't have time for it. Unless I make simpler comic, or simpler art, somethings gotta give.

Maybe I need to start simple. Ten minutes a day. Yeah, that sounds good.

6: mrRB

Not enough hits. Sucks. Not enough character development. Needs more plot. Needs site redesign. Needs readers. Needs readers. Needs readers.

5: work

First off, I've had this little drabble in my head since the first day;

I have to "tag" printer inks. This consists of taking a small piece of paper—the ones my boss constantly insists aren't big enough—writing the product name, brand, and reorder number on it, then sticking it onto the spindle behind the inks.

Just barrels of fun.

We have certain inks that certainly aren't name brand, and are listed in our stock recieved book simply as "Compatable [brand]." They tend to have pictures of happy little trees on them. Palm trees. I imagine a fetid, dank, airless factory, where Hispanic women in tattered dresses work feverishly at making these bootleg printer inks, profoundly aware that one error, one mistake could be their last. On a ledge above the factory floor, a large, white-suited man watches them, and smiles greasily. One of them will be his tasty morsel for tonight.

That said; my boss is a dick.

4: social life

I need one.

3: girls

See above.

2: family

My relationship with my parents is...strained, at best. Whenever we have an argument, they have an annoying habit of arguing against what they want to hear, instead of what I'm actually saying. It's real-time strawmanning, folks.

Despite this, I'm trying to open up more to them.

1: education

COB sucks, I know that. My parents and I are discussing my chances of going off for next January. We had one of our usual productive discussions about me attending ITT Tech. My reaction, nutshelled, was "Hell no".

I am seriously worried about my oppurtunities. My major is still a vaguely defined "Computers", with a definite minor in Graphic Design. I'm starting to have doubts about that too. One of the new employees at our store, a young man I shall call Terry, does our flyers, and he and I have had a lot to talk about. Among other things, the harshness of critique at art schools, the prices, the difficulty, student discounts, and the Wii.

In a related note, he thinks mrRB should be published.

My parents want me to start researching colleges online. I haven't a clue where to start. Anyone?

0: change

That's really what everything on this list is about. Change. I fear it. We fear it. And we try to prevent it as much as possible. Even if events are bad, we know how to deal with them.

Change...change is unstable. Change is shifty, by its very nature. It's elusive, hard to handle.

One part of me wants things to change for the better. The other is worried they might change for the worst.

And not even my vast knowledge of pop-culture references may save me.
// if you feel the same way

God bless America, please pull around to window 1.
//that is all