Sometime in April.

I was in computer class. The teacher had left, and we basically had a free lesson. We were putting it to good use, checking our eMail and stuff. At some point, I realized that the guys were talking about video games, [adult swim], and other stuff I was interested in. The clincher was when someone's cellphone rang, with a ringtone that was the Super Mario Bros. theme.

I didn't make a move.

Aside from the swearing—which I could overlook—these guys would make great friends. I didn't make a move because I don't know how to make friends. I find it hard to open up to anyone outside my immediate family(and even then a struggle) or the Internet.

I'm so sad.

More later.
//the flashy girl from Flushing

it won't cost much
This video, while technically proficient, is freakin' creepy.
//just your voice