I got some webspace, and started programming PHP.

What's mildly creepy is it's similarity to C++, some of which I've learned this term. I was also mildly creeped out by C++'s similarity to CSS. In fact, at one point, the teacher had basically instructed us to put a .DAT(data) file needed for a program to run in a seperate folder from the program. The program didn't run, as it couldn't find the file. I simply moved the .DAT to the right folder, and informed everone of the problem. The teacher had forgotten that, given the link syntax ("file.dat"), the files had to be in the same folder. I, with my CSS and HTML experience, immediately identified the problem. And now I find that PHP and C++, so far, vary mostly in syntax.

Click here. Since I'm used to a compiler, which identifies logical and syntax errors for me, I spent two hours on that thing because I forgot to identify the PHP file the form goes to as being from the form. I initially thought it was a problem with the switch structure, until nested ifs had the same problem. Then I corrected the error, only to stare at the screen in frustration until I realized that I had used the "equal to or lesser than" and "equal to or greater than" comparison operators, thinking they were the "less than" and "greater than" C.O.s, respectively. I also forgot to set a default option, for when the age doesn't fall within the expected parameters, but was too lazy to go back and add it. As such, the form simply spits out the "old enough" message.

I'm worried about how this will affect my web design; my usual process involves taking prearranged content and manipulating it. Heck, Blogger even provided the CSS. What I do, technically, is web page design, not web site design. I've never really made an actual site before, and I'm kinda scared, and excited. This could be fun, or I could end up staring at a screen for 12 hours trying to figure out why 42.php isn't reading from monkeyButt.php. Or did I misdefine the variables? And why isn't atom.xml updating?

So, lesee, do I map out the content, then the logic, then do the formatting? Or logic-content-formatting? Formatting-content-logic? Jeeze.

I'm probably going to move mrRB over, as soon as I know enough. And I correct that abortion of a redesign. What I have in mind will use, for the first time in any of my designs, images. It'll be all curved edges and Web 2.0 and crap. And when I move the comic, it'll have keywords! And it will be beautiful.
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