Fo no reason I could think of, I could not focus at all during my father's sermon today. I know I stayed up 'til one watching [as], but I do that every Saturday; our VCR is broken.

This was particularly bad. I would try to focus, my mind would start wandering, and the next thing I knew, I was staring at my own lap. The funny thing is, the tiredness all but went away when the sermon was over.

It's the devil, you know.

abstruse envy

Whenever I go to Penny Arcade, under Tycho's usual verbose and unintelligible blathering—no, seriously, the frick are you talking about?—there is a small line of text. Hovering over the link reveals the name of a given band.

Most of which I've never heard of.

"Live - Pillar of Davidson". Wait, is "Live" the name of the band, or the song. I'm confused. I've...I don't know nearly that much about music. Anyone? Daddy? Why have you listened to so many more bands that I have, and so much obscurer, too? I'm younger; I'm supposed to have heard more music, dangit!

I mean, is this just me? Am I the only one with band experience this small? I mean, I live in an island nation where the most diversity the music stores have is in the oversized sports jerseys on rap stars, have no access to a credit card, don't have a job to buy music of of iTunes with, even if I did have one, and do not own, or want, an iPod. I'm happy with the tastes God gave me. And yet...

Maybye there's a pill one can take for things like this. I could've sworn I saw an ad for something like this in my email.
Seriously, I have an mrRB comic planned for exactly this.
// it's not enough


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