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I just got this review to one of my stories. Basically, I got a review, and I checked the reviewers profile. They sucked, so I sporked them at Deleterius, linking my fic and explaining how I found the sporked one. The fic in question was started as an MPREG fic parody. Except it somehow became an actual MPREG fic. The sporking was trolled, and I suspect this is the same person, or one of their friends.
Jonn Wood,

The following review has been submitted to: Engorgement Chapter: 5

From: Wordslayer ()

Complete and utter canon raping crap, and you consider yourself some sort of anti-sue police or "ASP"; more like "ASS". You're not serious in any way, shape or form.

Funny, I could've sworn that was the entire point.

// and it grows


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