hot chocolate WIPWhile walking from my second class, I happened upon some sort of fair, hosted by the COB union of students(COBUS). I was going to avoid it, and head straight to the bookstore's cafe to have my usual lunch of a hot patty(a folded circle of pastry with ground beef, chicken or vegtables inside. Originated in Jamaica.) and an amalgamation of sodium, cornmeal, and food colorings packaged in a foil-lined bag called, for lack of a better term, "cheese puffs". Instead, I heard the two most beautiful words in the English language, at least to a crowd of hungry Black college students.

"Free food!"

After the quantum singularity cleared, there were about twenty students or so in front of the booth where they were giving out the free pasta salad and meatballs. There were also burgers. Purely theoretical burgers. Schrodinger's burgers. They did not exist; they were constantly "on the grill". There were a crowd of people standing around, buns dressed in their hands, staring at the one man on the grill. Standing next to the larger grill. Which was cooking chicken. I found myself restraining an urge to go "I'll risk samonella! Just give me the @$$#in' burger!"

As the hour wears on, one's thoughts begin to drift. One considers grabbing the dude cooking the burgers by his polo shirt, pulling him close, and yelling at him over the giant speakers four yards away blasting Sean Paul clear to the beltway "At what point were you planning to actually start serving boys?" Honestly, if the second grill hadn't been fired up-because the first guy was never going to get to the twenty people with plates hanging about like begging dogs-I swear, his face would've received a delivery; a water-soaked bun, lettuce, and tomato, mixed with the
usual toppings, delivered by Right Hand Couriers, postage paid, beyotch. Mr. Shirt, who lives in the same building, may also be getting that cup of barbecue sauce he ordered.

Oh, and the burger sucked. The next-to-last hotdog*, however, was great.

March 10th//Choc_wip2.png

Background added for contrast. I've never used white as counterlighting for one of these before.

*They were just packing up when my class finished two hours later.

// the backstage betties taking more than they can get


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