now bring it on back

I spend five minutes I should be writing this entry looking for appropriate song lyrics. Shows where my priorities lie.

A little past midnight, my mother wanted an escort to pick up my sister. I had been cheerfully enjoying two comics made from popular video games, and scans of questionable legality from popular comic books. My sister had been co-hosting the party of a guy who shares my birthday(December 18th, a Sunday this year, hence the party today), except his was two years later. She made fondue. Dude had over twenty people there. I had one birthday party in the second grade, and I've only been invited to one since Primary School ended.

Earlier today, I went to a bookstore. One of my classmates from COB's art program was the cashier. I later went across to the DQ in that same shopping centre. Another classmate. I din't get a job at an electronics place-and I'm a CIS major, mind you-because I waited until the 11th or so to ask. I had a chance to ask back in December.

So, yeah. I'm feeling like a loser right now.

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