like prisoners, helpless

I drew a picture.

In a way, it's a bit of a homecoming. I went back to the first actual rules-based "style" I used on dA. I had forgotten how easy it was. So simple. So pure. This is the first time I've actually wanted to make a tutorial on something.

Teacher: And so, we come to what is called "the Final Stretch".
Me: Or, "the Green Mile".
Classmate: *sporfle*

I screwed up a math test on Tuesday. The sad part is that I knew it was coming, and forgot about it entirely. It involved spiralingly complex formulas, theorems, and trailers. Tables, sorry. Shows what my mind is on.

We have a houseguest this week. A pastor from Haiti; a small, affable, chmmy man named Bro. E_. He's staying in my room. It's strange, because usually my brother sleeps in that bed, when he's home from college. My father didn't tell anyone until the morning of last Saturday, forcing us to clean house in less than 12 hours.

EDIT: Nov 19th

A few nights ago, we were taking an older pastor, a blind man, home. My father was driving, said pastor was in the passanger seat, and Bro. E_ and I were sharing the back seat. As we drew closer to my house, I began to think that Daddy was going to spring an uninvited HG on us again. He didn't, as he was simply dropping me off, but as I got home today I found a large man, with no small resemblance to Bro. E_, talking with him on our front porch and eating takeout chicken-in-the-bag1. I said hello, went inside, and my mother and sister informed me that he was Bro. E_'s son, staying for a day. Thank goodness it was just one. I may have gone stark raving mad from the disruption, otherwise. Houseguests are a lot like a brick thrown into a bees' nest; they may not like it, and they may be angry about it, but they can't really get it out and just have to work around it for a while.

  1. A Bahamian takeout dish, usually consisting of a piece or two fried chicken, some French Fries, and a bun, placed on a disposable plate, wrapped in token wax paper and placed inside a large brown paper bag. The most popular seller of these is the Bamboo Shack. If you're ever in the Bahamas, try it; it's the authentic Bahamian experience.

//'til someone comes along on a mission


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