on we sweep with threshing oar

Me: Boy, oh boy, it's 7PM! I can't wait for the one-hour Naruto premiere at 10 on Cartoon Network! Finally, I get to see what the fuss is about! I must remember to load my shotgun, should any crazy people try to take the TV away from me.
God: *uses storm to knock out power until precisely 11:30*

Seriously. I was just starting to close the windows so I could go to bed. My parents took the opportunity to lay a huge guilt trip on me for not talking to them. It started when they asked me why I didn't talk to them. I told them it was because they tried to turn every conversation into a guilt trip. No joke. They also discussed my addiction to computers. I denied it. (Yes, I know I have an addiction, but I wasn't going to tell them that!) They said that denial is the first sign of addiction. Which makes no sense. 1. If someone wasn't an addict, they'd deny being an addict. 2. If it's the first sign, why was there an accusation in the first place?

Yeah, my family is dysfunctional, I know.
//our only goal will be the western shore


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