what's the worst that I could say?

The spamware on this thing has even infected Firefox. It can't do much more than change the homepage, but still. Grarr.

My parents are flying home tomorrow to attend the funeral of one of our church's deacons who had been suffering from a heart condition for a while. I know I was stunned when I took the call on Saturday evening from one of our other deacons. (My mother and sister, MJ, were out, and my father and brother wouldn't arrive until Monday)Apparently, he died quietly while in the hospital at around 6:30. I didn't tell my mother until a half-hour after she came home, 'cause I fergot. Needless to say, Mumsie was pissed.

Also, shortly before we left, I was informed that one of my classmates had been killed in a car crash. Coming home from a party where all the participants were allegedly required to wear white—in accordance with the universe's laws concerning irony—, and hit a tree. As I recall, she was the girl who had been to the best party last night, and was always willing to talk about it. She was also an alleged bisexual. She certainly looked butch when I saw her one day at C.O.B.

In terms of purchases, I've picked up Gorillaz' Demon Days, the Killers' Hot Fuss, and Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Also, I blew forty bucks exactly, plus tax, on Book 1, 2, and 3 in The Circle Opens series by Tamora Pierce. (Yes, I already own Shatterglass.) Oh, and I got my Graphire3 6x8 tablet when my brother came Monday. I forgot that it came with Painter Elements, which makes me go "Squee". "Squee", I say unto you, "squee".

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all that noise, and all that sound

I hate dialup.

It is 2005. My cousin has somehow been able to function with AOL's crappy browser and connection for over two years. Forget IE: it's so buggy with spy and adware that it is nearly unusable. I opened it up, just to confirm my suspicions, and it did indeed have a useless "toolbar", and popups. I closed it down, and ended up with a popup five minutes later. I actually ninja-installed Firefox.

There as some people who should be criminally barred from using a computer. My cousin, K, is one of them. This sucker is loaded with spadware. And the spadware he gets to remove that spadware. And we're all mad together.

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you can't step in the same river twice

I'm going to Miami starting tomorrow, the fourth of August. I will be away til the 18th, I believe. I hope to come back with a Wacom Graphire 6x8 and a copy of Zelda:Wind Waker. And maybye some new books. We'll see.

While I'm away, I won't have internet access, just AOL. And the computer in question has no art software on it. So I'm boned for new work. Bye.

EDIT: So...Ben...let me get this straight...you do a comic about you spoilering HBP...with a spoiler for HBP...with no sort of warning or buffer whatsoever.

We get it. You're a dick.
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