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I've been using Livejournal a lot lately. One of the things that's been going around is people asking others to refrain from spoilers for Half-Blood Prince.

The amount of 'tards ignoring this is astounding. For example, one guy had an icon, which was purportedly a spoiler. He said that he didn't know it was a spoiler. Got it? Good. Then some guy posted, stating that it was indeed, a spoiler.

If you are the one confirming that something which may be a spoiler, you are a spoiler. And everytime you spoil, domo-kun eats a kitten.

Also, pandas cry.

Do you want crying pandas on your conscience? DO YOU?

Even worse, another idiot had a picture of major character "R—", the one who died, with the poorly Paint-added caption of, I quote "*iz ded*". As his default icon. On a public journal.

It's gotten so bad that when I went to the Wikipedia page for Fawkes the phoenix, and there was a spoiler at the bottom, I literally went "Meh."

Jeez, some people aren't even going to see the book for several months. I won't see it for another few weeks, probably. Is it too much to ask you to use some courtesy and common sense?

Incidentally, WP's spoiler system is stupid. The Fawkes page distinctly said that there were spoilers about HBP. At the top of the page. Instead of ahead of the one line with the actual spoiler. This means that the page is effectively rendered useless. And what good is the spoiler warning if it renders the page useless?

Incidentally, I did a parody of the whole thing. Contains no actual spoilersas far as I know. I especially like the look on Blue's face in panel 4.

//beer through the nose on an inside joke


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