another landscape, is my mandate

As you can see, I finished the redesign. I have about a half dozen other unfinished designs just sitting around on my flash disk, desktop, and my fathr's laptop, which I'm working on. It'd like to finish them and put them up, but it'll be a while, if ever. Some of the designs have flaws that I want to keep. Like that "powered by blogger" <DIV> up there; it was supposed to be flush with the header, but it came out that way when testing it on Blogger. I kept it 'cause it looks good, and I can easily stick a banner in that gap if needs be. I really need to finish my redesign of OCP. Scratch that: I need to start my redesign of OCP.

Ordered the 6x8 Graphire3, and Flight comics VOLs. 1 & 2. Or, at least, my brother was supposed to. I certainly transferred the money. But my Amazon account is still showing the items in a saved cart. Grr. He was probably distracted by the bombings. And college. And stuff.

Obi-Wan and Mace Windu playing electric guitar. Yoda on the drums. Stormtroopers doing Rock Concert Movement No. 2. Click here. [IE5+, WM9+ required]

//I’m highly animated even though I’m decomposing


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