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My sister has a nasty habit of installing programs willy-nilly with no regad for the effect they have on other users. That is, she will download every piece of spyware, adware, and junkware she can find, and argue violently that it needs to stay on the computer.

For example, a few years ago, she downloaded a program which rotates wallpapers, known as Webshots!. Most of said wallpapers suck. She did not download it onto our home computer, however, but onto our mother's office computer. It is still there to this day, merrily cycling through ugly wallpapers to its heart's content. I'm glad we were able to give the poor thing a home. She still has nighmares sometimes... There there, poppet, you're safe with mummy now.

My point being that MJ's programs almost always impose upon other users of the computer. I somehow go the better part of six years without interering with that computer's operation. She had two months before she started downloading wallpapers and such. I've had to delete Comet Cursor from three different computers; the one in my mother's office, this home one, and our schools new secretaries. That was in early Feburary. The woman had been there since, oh, last fall.

The most recent incident of such was earlier tonight, when she installed a buddy icon program, courtesy a link sent by my brother through MSN Messanger. Why such a level-headed individual would even consider using such a program is beyond me, but the upshot of the situation what that I saw what it had done to IE when she opened a link through Messanger to show me a picture of a girl dancing.

"What is that?" I asked.

"Um..." she replied.

"Get it off," I said.

She refused. I pointed out that it was adware, and nonessential. She asked if I really needed Photoshop.1 I replied that, yes, I did, for the sake of my future job. I added that Photoshop doesn't impose on anyone. She said it took up space which by some twisted logic, is an imposition. I pointed out that I needed it, and asked her to draw a paralell between career practice and buddy icons. She used other poor arguements. I pointed out that I had actually asked my parents to install Photoshop two years back this spring. She used "It's not your computer!" I pointed out that if it wasn't my computer, then it wan't hers either, and asked her why her right to install the program trumps my right to remove it. She didn't answer, aside from threatening to remove Photoshop. Aw, that's so cute, would you like to kick me in the shin and pull my sweatervest up over my head while you're there? I'll wait.

Sad thing is, I swore I'd never fall for the hypocite gambit again, since it means that all you have to do is admit you're wrong to defeat your opponent. It's alway's MJ's first line of offense, and I have never seen through it, even when, it retrospect, it's as plain as day.
I've had that dang Level commercial in my head all day. If you haven't seen it, Level is a "perfectly balanced vodka". The world's first, in fact. The commercial entails a couple eating on a platform held on stilts by waiters. Waiters on the platform serve the vodka, and the glass isn't level. They slide down the two poles in unison, and one waiter takes a matchbook out of his pocket and tucks it under the sole of one of one of the pole holders. The glass balances. Then the copy and tagline. All grayscale.

I think it has something to do with my own instability.

1. Which is asking if a fish needs water. It could survive without it, but not for long and it's not recomended by your physician. Ask your doctor before starting a no-Potoshop regimen.
//on such a timeless fligh


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