I wanted to be aquaman when I was a kid

My father got a new Dell laptop on Sunday from the Church, in order to celebrate his X years in the ministry and Y years as a pastor at our church. Please note that I do not call it a "computer", which is an undeserved honourific for any Dell product.

The initial startup screen read that we had to hit any key to agree to the EULA. The End-User Liscence Agreement is standard for installing almost any commercial piece of software. Ours was supposed to be included in the packaging.

It wasn't.

I took a risk and hit a key.

Several screens later, I came across a box with the actual EULA. There was a story a few weeks ago about a guy who was actually reading his EULA and won a thousand bucks. The Screen Savers hid a similar thousand K claim in some product Kevin R. sold on eBay(I don't know the specifics), and it's still unclaimed. So I started to read the EULA.

My sister reached over and hit Next.

I promptly reamed her out for not actually giving me a chance to read the message. I had no idea what she had just agreed to, on behalf of my father. Then I hit Back.

It took me to the screen before the EULA. I hit forward. It took me to the screen after the EULA.

This means that not only might the EULA be omitted from the documentation which came with the product, once you agree to it in the software, you can never see it again. It is not on the Dell website, or Microsoft's. I'm guessing that if you send Dell a letter, they will not send you a copy of the EULA.

The agreements for signing up for websites are almost always cramped into a small box, with paragraph structure that seems designed to hinder reading. With a simple cut and paste, one can read the text in Notepad, but some websites actively disable cut n' paste in these boxes. In short, they do everything they can-short of breaking the law-to keep you from reading the contract your signing. It's electronic fine print, but it requires a microscope-and possibly Firefox-to read.

Two years ago, when I searched for stuff, I got inane result on EZboards. Now I'm getting inane results off of blogs, and when it is forums, its usually PhbBB. I'm not sure what my point is, but I know it was irrelevant.

//back when Batman was all the rage


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