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Over the past weekend, with some assistance1 from Mr Carroll, I have come to realize that I am suffering from depression.

One really irritating facet of the entire thing is that I keep thinking: "Maybe I should kill myself".

"But Jonathan," says a voice which sounds like Roma Downey towards the second season of Touched By An Angel. "You're morally opposed to suicide, euthanasia, and abortion! Besides, you've considered this before. For almost five minutes on end. During that really boring summer."

It's right, actually. That was the last summer I ever felt anything like that, because that was the winter I discovered the Interweb.

My point being that I have several potential reasons to go on, none of which I can currently summon to mind, but I'm sure they'll come to me in a few months.2 In the cold. In the dark.

I'm taking-and failing-COB's art program, who's primary attribute could be described as "bass-ackwards", but not to it's face. I have a half term vacation coming up only slightly longer than my average weekend, , I can't drive-though I want to by the end of next month-and from what I saw of actual Graphic Designers during my work study last summer, I could be doing their job, and still have time to work on a webcomic and ironic t-shirt webshop I already have about two dozen designs just sitting there, in a notebook.

Boy, do I need a PDA.

1.Regarding which, I find it singularly unoriginal to mae reference to Linkin Park when referring to angst. Innumerable posts on innumerable forums reading merely "CRAWLING INNNNNN MY SKIN!!!!!!" lead to no small amount of frustration on the part of those L.P. fans-a number which I count myself among-who know that, aside from the ridiculous title, CMS is actually one of Linkin Park's better singles. P.o.D is angstier that Linkin Park. Skillet is angstier than LP, and they're a Christian group.

To that end, I propose that anyone, except webcartoonists, who makes extended and bigoted references to Linkin Park on any message board or blog, especially if they demonstrably know nothing of the band other than the song title "Crawling In My Skin", the subject will instantly and summarily be banned from the Internet pending investigation, and issues a certificate stating that they fail at life.

Mr Speaker, honourable Members of the House, I thank you for your time.
2. Dear Lord. I must be the most cheerful depressive south of Milwaukee. The original footnote read Tallahasee, but Milwaukee sounds funnier.
//but you just can't leave


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