someone picked you from the bunch

My mother has a distinct inability to accept change or admit she's wrong.

For example, my homework for Monday involves covering a picture frame in little "accessories" so that it looks "Baroque". This is the same teacher, mind you, who dissed my installation piece two entries back. I find a definition on Wikipedia , and highlight the first paragraph. While she's reading it, accidentally un-highlight it.

She throws a fit.

There is a sort of irony here: she is constantly criticizing my lack of maturity; yet refuses to admit when she has a flawed arguement, choosing instead to characterize my pointing it out as "rude". Whenever I ask for clarification/justification of some statement she's made, she starts complaining about how I disagree with her and my father out of spite. Whenever I do implement one of her suggestions, I'm always doing it wrong. If I prove her wrong about anything, she ignores it. And whenever the slightest detail of her life is changed, I shouldn't have. The woman has been known to trip out over someone changing the television channel. Which she had on mute. Which she wasn't watching. Protesting vehemently over a toy she wasn't using but someone else wants to play with...does that sound like the behavior of a woman more than three times my age?

In this particular case, I waited for a few minutes of her ranting before pointing out the fact that I could easily have highlit the text again by now, and she would've finished reading it. She said that that wasn't the point. The point was that I was rude for de highlighting it. I pointed out that I had unlit it by accident. She pointed out that my hands shouldn't have been near the keyboard or mouse. Yes Mum. I shouldn't have been touching the primary input devices for the computer while I was inputting data. Real Nobel-winning logic there.

What I find the most ironic is that she's the one left foaming at the mouth in these 'discussions' while I'm the calm one. The more illogical she gets, the calmer I get. She sees this as 'arrogance'. Then again, she also frequently wonders why I don't panic when faced with last minute deadlines, no matter how much I explain to her that panicing never helps.

I suppose, at some point, everyone feels the urge to slap some sense into one of their parents.
//one glance is all it took


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