What I really meant to say

My brother is leaving for college today. Since he may or may not return this summer, he may be away 'til next December. I will officially Not See Him until this summer, at least. Coupled with this is the facct that my sister recently won a French scholarship and will be away for the entire month of July. I will have our PC just to myself for an entire month.

I need to learn how to drive by then.

My 'road test' was yesterday. I made a lot of mistakes, and my brother said that he got his license two weeks after getting his permit°. I pointed out that he had been training since thirteen at the time, meaning four years experience. I had barely been training a year, and only rarely. He changed the subject: Maybe I would like to drive an automatic first?

That really stung.

This, of course, occured after I narrowly missed a police car while pulling out.

I am going to learn how to drive by March. My mother said she will stop paying bus fare by then,° and I'm sick of those things anyway.

My point is, I need to become more independant. I need to stop slacking on school work, and get a job. Most importantly, I need a small army of ninjas.°

P.S.: Wait...Ali can buy me a Jump/Flash Drive and a Wacom. Yesss.

1. Required by law in the Bahamas.
2. I'm not sure what effect that would have, as she doesn't pay bus fare now.
3. Just as long as I meet no pirates.
//is that I'm sorry for the way I am


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