G4 has lost it's freaking mind.

I did not, originally, type "freaking" in the title.


When Read or Die aired on Adult Swim a week or two ago, I was pleasantly surprised. R.o.D. was actually pretty good, and I could really empathize with the main character, Yomiko Readman, a girl so engrossed in books that her house is lined in them she ignores a car accident happening right in front of her. That, of course, has never happened to me, though I have nearly caused several accidents through my bibliophilia. Watching the Movie was key to understanding the event in R.o.D the TV(OAV), or in plain English, the series.

This series was airing on G4TechTv's "Anime Unleashed." Monday night I turn on my television to find family guy returned to it's regular time slot.(They always switch it with Futurama during sweeps, and I don't know why.) I was also surprised to find Unscrewed missing, as well as AU. No one seemed to have informed TV Guide channel of the change, however.

This leaves the program formerly known as The Screen Savers, and X-Play, which G4 is also slowly chipping away at. They started by giving them a new set which wouldn't be so bad if I was colourblind. The elements of that thing all clash. And what are they doing with the bar? Kids watch the show! They don't need a bar! Exclamation mark!

Also, the name is being changed back to G4 in the spring. They are dropping all pretense now.

EDIT: Hmm. They seem to have moved it to 1 AM in the morning. Strange. XPlay and AU were all they had to compete with Adult Swim, the Daily Show, and other late night stuff.

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