Let's talk about LiveJournals.

I have one. That is not to say I actually use it, oh no. I keep it solely for the friendslist. No-one I have on there is actually an angsty teenager. If I wanted that, I'd look in the mirror. (*rimshot*) In fact I doubt any of them have any personal problems at all, with the exception of Yuki_Onna.* But she's a writer. It's in her job description, immediately preceding "wear large flowing dresses in in dark colours and expensive fabrics", following "live in a gothic/victorian/colonial-inspired manse", and two items below "drink heavily". I also have an artist/webcartoonist, another artist/webcartoonist, an artist/webcartoonist/film buff/activist, and a photographer with works of such skill that they will cause your jaw to hang open and you to stagger slightly to the left upon seeing them.

Several thousand were shocked recently when a LJer killed her mother. (Allegedly) Well, not so much "shocked" as "I told you so". The story rapidly circulated through messageboards, and there were even news stories. The strange part is that the story is real. The entries in her journal have been slowly disappearing, even the ones without pertinent evidence, like some eldritch mist or rumors about the next Harry Potter book.

This further corrobrates the story, since a girl matching the profile has been bought to court on a murder charge. It is reasonable to assume she gave her lawyer...or...someone...her password. In fact, in her last post, she stated that she would be "away for a while".

I digress.

A week or two ago, I decided to move from my longtime residence at Diaryland. I had initially joined Blogspot for the fake Mendacium blog. Then I abandoned that and went, "Well, I have an account, why not really use it?" And thus, the Pundit was born. And then the move. There are several areas in which Blogger kicks DL in the short n' curlies, knocks it into a cocked hat, runs it over with a steamroller, and pees on its grave. One is the interface. To add a DL entry, one must;
  1. Go to diaryland.com.

  2. Click Sign In

  3. Realize the caret isn't even in the Username box by default.

  4. Position the caret in the Username box.

  5. Enter username.

  6. Hit Tab.

  7. Enter Password.

  8. Hit Enter.

  9. Click on "Add an Entry".

Nine keystrokes. Nine long keystrokes. Blogger:

  1. Go to Blogger.com.

  2. Enter username.

  3. Hit Tab.

  4. Enter Password.

  5. Hit enter.

Click on the plus sign next to the appropriate blog.
Done. 5 strokes. DL takes three pages. Blogger takes two. The format is better too. Th e only place where DL could concievably have an edge over Blogger is in template simplicity. DL's templates involve simple HTML with a few special commands. Blogger templates are a frightening melange of comments, tables, and unfriendly special commands, and random capitals, with their key hidden somewhere in the fathomless pit known as Blogger Help. Men have gone in and ended up in psychiatric institutes, lying on their side in thin white cotton jackets with long sleeves, mumbling incoherently about "AdSense". I plan to take it on as soon as I have a stiff drink. Or three. Strictly medicinal, you understand. For my nerves.

*I do not think Ms. Valentine actually has personal problems. I just needed a joke to go there.
//like toy soldiers


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