Disasters and artists.

The numbers keep climbing.

I am an undemonstrative man. [Legally, I'm barely a man, having just turned 18 on the, um, 18th.] I however, moved by the recent disasters in the East. On these occasions, acts such as this snap into sharp focus. Clio Chang is also participating an auction, proceeds toward the Red Cross.

It really, really make me want to do something.

Several years ago, after the 9/11 attacks, several recording artists participated in benifit concerts. I was not a member of DA at the time-in fact, I was only dimly aware of it's existance-but I suppose there was a similar reaction. The scale, also, in much greater. Less than ten thousand died on the 11th. The current, rising death toll is over 70,000. There was also a difference in causes. A tragedy precipitated by nature always feels much more arbitrary that that brought about by human intellegence-or rather, evil. All the attacks destroyed was two skyscrapers, sereral planes, and a portion of the Pentagon. The floods have left behind farmland art property which will be unusable for month.

Nonetheless, this is not a time for contemplation, but a time for action. I urge you to donate wherever you can.


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