Concerning parents.

And their wicked, theivsing ways. Gollum.

Of late, my parents have begun to criticize my lack of social skills. I will freely admit that I possess only the most basic skills when dealing with my elders. I can, however, make friends amnong my peers quite easily. That said, when my friends are not around, I usually have my head in a book. My brother, who used to work at COB looked up his friends there upon his return from college, and returned home criticizing me for not hailing anyone because I am always reading. But I like to read. I have, however, found Ali's name to be a grease to loosen stuck bueracracy in some cases, and when someone stares at me and asks my name, I usually supply it, with the addendum that I am Ali's little brother.

But I digress.

The most recent occurance came about around one when I decided to stay inside. Please note that I had spent most of yesterday afternoon outside, and the only place my mother was going today was to return aluminium pans to several locations. The one motivation I might have for going out was that one of the people the pans were being returned to may or may not have Halo 2. Even then, I would only experience minutes therof. Minutes, I say.

Screw it. I went anyway.

//people believe anything you tell 'em to


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