There are points when a usually fun task becomes just another task, just another "to do". When this occurs, it is best to stop doing said thing to mine. I say this because I have become burned out on my eLife. It comprises mainly My DeviantArt account, my Gaia online account, and miscellaneous forums and webcomics I patronize. However, the fact remains that I barely touched the computer for the past two days, and my fingers still hurt after mere minutes of typing. I'm going to finish a Gaia commision, and that's it.

When I was younger, my family had no cable. We watched the local public access channel. Singular. Whenever we went to Solomon's, the local SuperStore, I used to sneak in after my mother and sister went in, watch as much cable as I safely could, then try to meet Mum and MJ at the cashier. I often came too late, or far too early. For some reason, when I recall these days, they are tinged with blue, like the scenes when everyone is in the real world.* Just like the world seems to be these days.

Childhood memories are impervious to cold.

I can recall running around in the dead of winter in shorts with ashy legs, my sister literally assault-lotioning me fom the front seat of the car, specifically because it bothered me. I am currently wearing a beanie. Inside. Everytime I venture outdors for even seconds, I emerge chanting "Cold. Cold." as some sort of talisman, to ward off the cold. *The air is once more tinged with blue, and I half expect Morpheus to emerge from some canaverous spider's web of machinery in a tettered shirt, wiping his hands on a rag and announcing that we need to get to broadcast depth. Which is silly. We lost our antenna ten klicks back running from that Sentinel. Our only hope now is to get to Zion before the Matrix finds us again.

According to Weather.com, the temperature is currently 66°F, but it feels like, um, 66°F. I'd talk more, but a Nasenex commercal about a bee with pollen allergies just came on, and I have to go laugh at it.

//there is one tree left in kyoto


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