That lump entry I promised.

Get comfortable. You're gonna be here for a while.

July 2nd 2001
I went into M-J's room to get my GBC outta there. I snagged it, along with a
book I wanted to read, and ran out with M-J hot on my tail. But
halfway there she turned back, went into her room and slammed the door.
Mummy went down there and M-J didn't open the door at first. Five
minutes later (after the door was opened), M-J had to clean the room
in 30 minutes, or else. 45 minutes later both Mum
and M-J were asleep. But M-J's room was clean. For twice.

July 6th, 2001M-J is getting
more sarcastic, rude, and generally je ne sais pas (I don't know what) by the day, minute,
second..choose your time increment. Anyway, she keeps insulting me, Alistair,and other innocents. I was looking
over her shoulder today as she was @ and she was looking at an article about how your
birth order may affect one's personality. The lil'est child (which
M-J is) was said to be a perfect angel half the time, and the other
half..not. Or was it the middle child. (J'ai oubliere)
Regardless, M-J's like that. In public, she's nearly perfect,
if a bit to obsessed with "Tetris" and a bit ready to mouth off
to her acquaintances to/about me. A privat she's
horrid, except without the curl in the middle of her forehead. Even as
I enter this from the text, she's probably hanging arond, begging me
to go to "one site, just one, please. I promise I won't take long."

About the second line, when you click on it, it'll take you a
collection Just keep entering consecutive
numbers in the place of the "1", that is, between the "gallery/"
and the ".jpg" until you get to "69."
QUotE: What was the name of the fat man in
"Popeye", who said, I'll gladly pay you Tuesday?"

July 5th, 2001

CIRCUMSTANCE; So there I was, arriving @ the food store. As we pulled up I saw two girls and a boy. I did
what any 14-year old, pubesccent boy would do; and we all know what that is. One
girl was talking on the public phone,with the boy leaning against it. The one
I'm focusing on was wearing a red top and had a tatoo on her right arm. As we
pulled up, I cdould have sworn she gave me an appraising Look. It was also a
"Come Hither" Look. Even if I imagined it, she still gave me a Look. I was, at
the time, wearing one of those safari hats, with khaki "camy" fabric; a 'Bok
shirt, and Tommy jeans.
Halfway to the door, Mummy asked me if I had "secured"
her door. About five seconds later I was heading back to turn up her window and
lock her door. I swear, the girl was Looking at me on a wholesale basis (We're
talkin' Staring folks.). So I went inside and walked around trying to
throw M-J off the cart by stopping it suddenly, until Mummy got fed up and
pulled it herself, after which, I soon got my hand on a copy of "Electonic Gaming Monthly". What intrested me was
the "Sonic Adventure 2" poster
contaned within the plastic wrap. A while later, while Mummy was at the
counter, I slipped around to the next, unused counter with a copy of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" A fly landed on it,
right on the page when Peter Parker and Ezekiel "Sims" are talking in the cafe.
J.Mike Stratosphere (I mean than as a compliment.)is doing a dem good job as
writer, a dem fine job.

Annotations: Nov 18th 2004; Wow, I was horny then.

Prayer Marathon

July 9th, 2001
09:13 PM
Here I am with a pillow on my lap, at an annual prayer marathon, in my church, This marathon seems to drag on. And on. And on. I went in the back with Dennise, from my last entry; M-J, my sister; Giselle, two 'l's, and she's not a model; and several "indiscriminates" younger than I. It took a good half-hour to write this down and Dennard, Dennise's lil
brother (6); and 'Nikki (pronnounced Nicki, full name Tanginique, about the same age) crawling around, and yelling, and jumping me don't help. The Three Grrlketeers, are just chatting about girl stuff. If you like games like the Zelda series, that take quite a while to play, click on the next line down.

'Nard just threw one of Nikki's dolls into the ceiling fan by accident (He was playing catch with himself). Naturally, it nearly kills me.
If the link on the horizontal line above fails, Click Here.

My bro' Alistair just set up the Church's VCR and TV. So we (M-J, Giselle, Dennise & I) are going to watch Chicken Run, which I, personally, like; and found that you can watch the local public access channel through the VCR. It (the image)is covered with static, because the TV has no antenna, but it's better than nothing. Anything more than "ZNS, Channel 13" and you have to get Cable/A Satellite Dish/DirecTV/etc. My mum's cousin has the first two and I think he has the third. He also uses his MSN messanger service to make long distance calls, for free. (Incedentally, the "cheap, fast, and reliable" I.S.P.s (if you are reading this, you should know what that is.) are springing up in these here parts like Jar Jar Binks hate sites after Star Wars Episode one: The Phantom Menace. (Episode Two is nearing completion.)

Now I'm sitting in the church library, with a copy of Peter Lerangis 'WATCHERS #1: Last Stop' published by Scholastic Press, publishers of the (un)acclaimed series EVERWORLD, by Animorphs' author K.A.Applegate. More later. On the floor is a copy of 'The Monster in the Third Dresser Drawer' by Janice Lee Smith. Back to EVERWORLD. Two copies (II, whose title I forget |-( and VII, "Gateway to the Gods", I think). This series has the same "multiple first-person" narration, and unlike Animorphs, there are three boys, but only one girl, none of which are related to each other, but their reason is trust worthy. Also unlike Animorphs, this series takes religious, racial, moral and other issues by the throat, wrestles them to the ground, and pummels about half of them into submission. But more importantly, either the A- of B- words appears at least once a book. You heard me... QUotE: What are you opinions and views (I didn't want to say "What do you think".) on the "Dark" turn Scholastic has been making in recently, specifically, their increase in Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. E-Mail G-book Twofer: QUotE for July 10th, 2001: Have you ever had a 'kinky' dream or fantasy about some one you never thought of as "sexy" before? How did you feel about them afterward?

July 10th, 2001
(Time Unknown)

I've been buzzin' to go by Denny [Not her real name] for close to
half a year- really, a whole year, since she got her Donkey Kong
64, N64 with DK64 Game
Pak and an Expansion Pak. She also has Mickey's Speedway (N64),
Mario Party (N64), Pokemon RED and Blue (GBC), The PowerPuff Girls
Paint the Townsville Green (GBC) and DirecTV. This may not
seem like much without the fact that I have only Pokemon RED, BLUE,
Tetris, (the single bestselling game for the Game Boy) a lone Game
Boy Color, and one- count 'em- one public access channel, Where the
only things not in reruns are A) The 7 and 11 o'clock news, and B)
The soaps. Did I mention that she has two a-dorable little
puppies, and the only "pets" (ha!) i have are the three small puppies
that sneaked here through the neighbors fence-only once, the wild
cats that sometimes pop out of the "bush" on one side of our house-
and quickly pop right back in, and the lizards thant sneak in
through ajar doors, windows, and an improperly attached edge in our
screen window. Also, Denny's family is getting a swimming pool,
probably to be completed sometime next year. Suffice it to say, we
don't. I can feel the jaws of boredom closing on my throat. (Sigh.>|-
I missed out: Coupled with the fact that I bought
my cupcake from M-J and Denny (they have a thriving little
buisness), and went to sit in the minivan (A Mazda
MPV, to be sure.); and the fact that my father
(Who also happens to be my Pastor) was standing against the door,
holding it open, and shaking the hands of everyone who came through
-pastor stuff; and the fact that M-J and Denny were peddlin' thar
wares right next to the door; and the fact that I wasn't there to
see her ask Daddy to go by Denny's; and I wasn't there to see Daddy
say yes.

I didn't find out until I realized that
M-J was getting in the Newkirks' (Not the real name of "Denny"s
Family either.) car and not our own. "Isn't M-J coming with us?'
I asked my brother Ali. "No," he replied. "Weren't you paying
attention?" He then told me what I just told you. I then
proceded to lean back in my seat and attempt to identify the
feeling gnawing at me. I finally
identified it, which took awhile, since I had never really felt it
before. It was, I think, envy
("What?!", you say.),
tinged with an (un)healthy dose of
regret. It seemed strange to me that it took me most of the 5+
mile ride home to figure it out. And then I thought, Pulse
wouldn't have this problem
. More on him later.

QUotE: If
you ever wished you were a superhero(ine), what were your
powers and name?>E-Mail G-Book
July 17th,2001
4:37 PM
I had the strangest dream last night. I went in the back of our church, and some how took a shower. our church has no shower, and never has, so you should know that this dream was strange. Then I went back to the main section of the church, wearing nothing but a towel around my waist, and sat in the pew. When I stood up to sing, my towel fell of. In reality, I would have covered myself up, or at least sat down, but this wasn't reality. I kept singing, no one reacted. This was strange.

5:09 PM My third cousin Noah has just arrived. He is two, and when I last saw him (a year past) he was at the staring stage. And now he's at the watching-your-every-move, laughing-when-he-falls-down, but-still-can't-drink-from-a-cup stage. So far today, I've heard him say one word; "Gimme!" M-J is delighted with him. She's a baby person. I like babies, but am more of a computer person. (Here's a question that'll keep ya awake @ night: does ".com" stand for "computer", "company", or "communications.") His mum's name is "Laura" and his dad's name is "Henry". Mum's white, Dad's black. By the way, Noah is British. He speaks Baby with a neutral accent.
8:29 PMThey've gone to sleep, because its 1:30 London time. When Noah was put to bed, (5:10)he wailed for about 45 minutes, stopping whenever he saw so much as an arm, leg, or eyeball, (through the slightly open door, through which he could see everything that went on in the narrow hallway, which he was at the end of)and starting up again when it left. Then he shifted into a "I still see you" mode when he watched intently, for someone, anyone, and when they left, looked intently in the direction they departed for a few minutes, and then resumed his general looking for a "growed-up," his vigil broken only to pick his nose, a trait which must be genetic because...uh..not that I'm saying I do that..[sweat]. I was caught leaving our (I share it with Alistair) room and as soon as I saw Noah's eyes on me, I froze, and began to laugh hysterically after..oh..three seconds, but as quietly as possible, along with Alistair, who managed to gasp "stuck!" during the ten seconds before I stumbled into the bathroom, which is (Duh!) futher away from the room Noah was in than our room. Anyhow, he then downshifted into "I'm not tired at all!" where he lay on his back, looking up at the ceiling, but rolling over at the slighest sound. Then he shifted up, then down again. Then up again. Then down. Then down, into "wake me when my bottle's ready", at last.

QUotE: It's it more fun to have a "dumb baby", a"big kid", a "baby growed-up", a "growed-up", or a "really really old person" around. Which is best in general, to have? And why?E-mail G-book