Well, you haven't seen me in a while. Well, a lot has been happening in my life.
->The new Sonic Adventure 2 game coming out and my sub-sequential discovery of the discontinue of the manufacture of the Sega Dreamcast. (And you just visited my diary and discovered that.)

->My acessing my e-mail and discovering that s'more people had signed my guestbook.

Annotations: Nov 18th 2004; What the frick is "s"? Is it a Roman numeral?

->My going to see Planet of the Apes and Jurassic Park III with the McLeans, speaking of which...
I wrote a bunch of entries on the computer Daddy borrowed from his school. (Don't worry, they know he has it.) Without benefit of so much as Microsoft FrontPage, I used Notepad to edit it, and did pretty well. In fact, I'm writing this from memory (of the HTML, that is). But as I was dialouguing(saying), I was planning to cut and paste the entries, in individal entries, to Diaryland. But the way my life is going, I thonk I'm going to have to just do it in one l-o-o-o-ngg entry. (Sigh.)

('tever that means)
QUestion Of The Entry:To find out what th' heck that is, watch this space.....

Annotations: Nov 18th 2004; You wouldn't believe how many open tags I left in this thing. BS must've found about 10. Mostly <DIV> and <font>