Today, I am a teenager. You may not see me, but I'm right here. A few minutes ago. I added a chat room to this page (just scroll down) from multcity.com. (I

can see all y'all perkin' up ya ears right now)The current traffic, given the usual traffic through this site, should be..

none. Just you really. So now I'd like to share a few of my simple tricks are for kids..

I mean for pumping up traffic to your site.

  • Sign every guest book you can find that requires you input your website. ("Wait a minute! We've been tricked!" I hear you say.)
  • Send links to your website, by e-mail to your family, friends, enemies (if you're desperate), and the cleaning lady who talks to everyone.
  • When the teacher calls on you, stand up, thrust out your chest and clearly say, [Insert website URL here].

    Annotations; Nov 18th 2004: I really like that one.

    This may/may not get you in the dog house, but it's worth it.

Eventually, you'll have so many visitors that you'll be selling ads to e-bay.


By the way, does anyone know why.. uh, I forget.

Annotations; Nov 18th 2004: I'm surprised I even knew what the style tag did, back then. I'm also surprised at my overuse of it and Arial Black. Good thing I didn't know what forums were then. *shudder* —Jonn